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No professional’s tool kit is complete without the quality 3M™ abrasive products. That is why at SNAPCO we offer an extensive variety of abrasive products including 3M™ Cutting / Slitting Discs, 3M™ Grinding Discs, 3M™ Flap Wheels, 3M™ Scotchbrite, 3M™ Belts and Rolls, 3M™ Cubitron II, 3M™ Air Tools, 3M™ Roloc Discs and 3M™ Machine Deals. With these you can be sure that you have all the equipment you need to do your job well!

SNAPCO is one of the leading UK suppliers of 3M products. 3M is a global company dedicated to technological innovation, which has helped improve the everyday life of thousands of people all over the world. One of their key expertise is in improving consumer electronics, by making them lighter, less harmful to the environment and less energy consuming. Their promise to the 3M customers is a superior quality technology, with long service life, that delivers high value. This has turned them into a reliable and trustworthy partner for many businesses and professionals all over the world.


3M™ Cutting / Slitting Discs


The 3M™ Cutting / Slitting Discs SNAPCO supplies are characterised with great performance, consistent cutting and precision, which allows them to be used on a wide range of materials including mild steel, stainless steel and aerospace alloys. These abrasive discs have long service life and productivity, which makes them indispensable. We have a variety of different sizes available to suit your needs. The 3M™ Cutting / Slitting Discs come in packs of 10 to 25, which makes them extremely affordable.


3M™ Grinding Discs


The 3M™ Grinding Discs we offer come with Cubitron II precision shaped grain technology. The precision shaped grains used ensure faster cutting, easier use and last longer than previous 3M abrasive products. These grinding discs are suitable for a variety of metals, always producing a quality finish.  


3M™ Flap Wheels


The 3M™ Flap Wheels you can buy from SNAPCO are designed to remove surface imperfections and handling marks. You can choose between matt scratch patterns with fine finish and patterns suitable for a more aggressive imperfections removal. These abrasive flap discs, part of the 3M abrasive products range, are easy to use and suitable for blending, cleaning and finishing.


3M™ Scotchbrite


SNAPCO supplies a range of 3M™ Scotchbrite discs, brushes and wheels. These include 3M abrasive products for light grinding and blending, discs for deburring, finishing and cleaning, and brushes that work on irregular surfaces and detailed features. All products are characterised with increased safety and reliability, long service life and ease of mounting and use. They are compatible with a range of power tools, which makes them a preferred choice for many professionals.


3M™ Belts and Rolls


The 3M™ Belts and Rolls abrasive products SNAPCO supplies include sanding belts and conditioning discs. The sanding belts in our range are suitable for dry grinding in medium pressure applications, refining, dimensioning and stock removal, parting line removal and weld levelling. They work with a variety of materials from Hard-to-grind nickel alloys, mild and stainless steel, to titanium and other metals. With their Cubitron Abrasive Grain technology these sanding belts reduce overall costs associated with abrasive products use. Their flexibility and heat resistance ensure a wide range of applications and long service life.


3M™ Cubitron II


The 3M™ Cubitron II discs sold by SNAPCO are designed for edge chamfering, beveling, and removal of carbon steel welds. They could also be used for the elimination of mill scale, pits and imperfections, machining grooves, and more. Their great performance and range of applications are a result of the 3M™ Ceramic Abrasive Grain and 3M Precision Shaped Grain technologies used, which focus on maximizing the disc’s cutting potential. What makes them even better is their ability to wear evenly and self-sharpen, providing up to two times longer service life compared to other fiber discs. The technology used also maximises productivity and reduces the fatigue of the user.

The Fiber discs we offer, on the other hand, are heavy-duty discs designed for grinding, blending and weld removal. With a stiff backing of vulcanized fiber, they resist wear and can handle grinding applications. These products come in a variety of sizes, tailored to the needs of any professional. If you are ready to lower your abrasive costs and increase your productivity then the 3M™ Cubitron II, 3M abrasive products are exactly what you needs. They work faster and last longer than conventional products.

An accessory you can add to your 3M Cubitron II products is the 3M Ribbed Back Up Pad. It has a unique rib pattern, heat resistance and can be used in conjunction with 3M Cubitron II discs. This leads to improved disc life and cut rate, which in turn lowers your costs and increases your output.


3M™ Air Tools


The 3M™ Air Tools supplied by SNAPCO are equipped with powerful motors, precision-balanced steel workings and perform with less vibration than other tools on the market. They are designed for optimal performance, with an extended curved wrist support made form 3M™ Gripping Material. This allows for higher control and improved comfort during prolonged use. Equipped with a 3M™ Hookit™ Clean Sanding Disc Pad, these 3M abrasive products absorb shock and vibration, while providing a dust-free environment for the user.


3M™ Roloc Discs


The extensive range of 3M™ Roloc Discs enables simultaneous blending and finishing, resulting in reduced process time. With a 3M Roloc Quick Release System, the discs can be changed easily saving you even more time. The 3M™ Roloc Discs are extremely durable, suitable for aggressive applications and cut fast with less pressure, increasing the discs service life. The discs come with grinding aid which minimizes the grinding temperature for a range of heat-sensitive alloys. These 3M abrasive products come with different colours suitable for your individual needs.


3M™ Machine Deals


At SNAPCO we also supply 3M™ Machine Deals. These tools are ideal for quick and efficient deburring, cleaning, blending and finishing a wide variety of materials.  The Technology Scotch-Brite™ Non-Woven Web used in the machines binds together synthetic fibres and abrasive particles, creating a conformable, three-dimensional material, that helps improve the finishing and prolong the product life. As a result, these machines are easy to use, require less rework and result in fewer rejects.

Ready to buy your 3M abrasive products? Take a look at our product range and you will find the product that is tailored to your needs. If you have any questions regarding our 3M abrasive products or any other equipment, please contact us.