Stretch Wrap

Machine Stretch Wrap
Code: 5001-846EBULK
£42.44 ex vat
Code: FS380 Machine
£5,995.00 ex vat
Code: 5002-FS350
£4,305.50 ex vat
Code: 8009-F385
£6,485.50 ex vat
Code: 12-Micron-Standard
£22.26 ex vat
Code: 12-micron-Extended
£22.26 ex vat
Code: 14-micron-Standard
£25.16 ex vat
Code: 14-micron-Extended
£25.16 ex vat
Code: 17-micron-Standard
£30.50 ex vat
Code: 34-micron-Heavy-Duty
£52.47 ex vat
Code: Black-Handfilm
£30.87 ex vat

Hand Stretch Wrap


In modern industries, packaging products remains at the heart of proceedings when distributing goods. The method of stretch wrapping products has been a part of our industry for years, and it is still one of the most reliable methods of protecting your products and wares during shipping and processing that we have today. For cost-effective product transportation, starting with stretch wrapping is your ideal method here at SNAPCO. Whether you are looking for a manual method of stretch wrapping or are moving up and looking to invest in machinery, SNAPCO have what you need to make your business life easier.


At its most basic, stretch wrap is a highly stretchable plastic film that is widely used to cover and bundle pallets of items. You have a flexible layer that can mould itself to the shape of any product for complete cover and the see-through properties of stretch wrap enable the packaging process to be made that much more secure, allowing you and those transporting your goods to check for damage or thefts much more easily. Your items will remain safe and secure with the help of SNAPCO and our wide range of stretch wrap and industrial supplies.


Our hand stretch wrap is affordable for everybody and is perfect for large and small businesses due to its affordability and reliability. We offer a great selection of films to suit your requirements. For the best value we offer a box of 6 rolls of Bold Hand Film. This is our best offer and really gives you quality at an affordable price. This pre-stretched hand film is 400mm x 600mm to give additional value to you, allowing for far more easy coverage of products with less effort. Transparent for additional security, this is a deal not to be missed for anybody searching for the idea hand stretch wrap on the market.


Looking to keep your products secure and away from prying eyes? We also supply Black Film to allow you this alternative option when wrapping your pallets and products.


Machine Stretch Wrap


Moving away from manual stretch wrapping? Not a problem. SNAPCO offer you the very best in the industry for stretch wrapping. Fatigue is often a real issue in industries and the opportunity to move away from manual labour to free up time and energy for other jobs can be of great advantage to many businesses. This same thinking has resulted in many industries moving away from manual labour to machines, and stretch wrapping has followed.


We at SNAPCO are proud to stock the Fromm stretch wrapping machine range. Fromm are internationally renowned for their products and the use of their machines guarantees great production rates for your business. If you are searching for the products to take you to the next level in your business, Fromm are the ones to turn to. The Fromm F380 stretch wrapping machine for example is a great demonstration of the manufacturer’s pedigree when it comes to creating machines that really get the job done. Durable, and featuring 4 set programs, film tension of up to 250%, and a 1650mm turntable, you can be assured your products will be handled well and you can program the perfect stretch wrapping mechanics you need. Need an easier method of loading and unloading your pallets? We also supply a Fromm Approach Ramp for the 300 series that leads up to the machines and makes transportation that much easier for you.


To go alongside the machines that we sell, we stock machine stretch wrap to keep your businesses going. As with all of our industrial supplies we aim to get your product to you as quickly as possible and will take you through every step of the process of finding the best product for you, tailored to your specifications. We stock NexGen Dynamic machine stretch wrap that is perfectly suited for Fromm and other branded machinery. Stocking between 2100m and 4500m rolls of film, you can be sure to find the amount you need for a great price. Contact Us today for more information about our stock and how you can obtain a great deal with us at SNAPCO industrial supplies.