Mini Pak'R

Code: Airpad

The future of packaging is the innovative MINI PAK'R air cushion machine.

I'ts a "tabletop" air cushion machine... weighing only 6 kg... It brings the best of industrial packaging systems to the customer.

This small machine produces five different types of air cushions on demand to meet all your protective packaging needs. It is a great alternative to traditional packaging materials like bubble, loose fill or paper.

"The Mini Pak'r Airpad machine can be used with the following types of film.

Cell-O EZ → 200 x 130
Cushioning, voidfill

DC → Double Cushion
Cushioning, large voidfill, block & brace

ST → Supertube
Cushioning, voidfill, wrapping, corner protection

QL → Quilt-Air Large
Cushioning, voidfill, wrapping, interleaving

QS → Quilt-Air Small
Cushioning, wrapping, interleaving"

Product Video