Signode BXT2 Series

Ref Size mm/Inch Quantity Price
£2,195.86 inc VAT
£1,829.88 exc VAT
£2,195.86 inc VAT
£1,829.88 exc VAT
£2,195.86 inc VAT
£1,829.88 exc VAT

4006-BXT2N9 - Signode battery combination tool for 9mm polyester strapping

4006-BXT2N13 - Signode battery combination strapping tool for 13mm polyester strapping.

4006-BXT2N16 - Signode battery combination strapping tool for 16mm polyester strapping

At Snapco Industrial supplies, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive list of products and equipment that we carry online. We strive to make sure we stock only the highest quality of supplies, equipment and power tools – the brands which we stock are the best in their market, highly reliable and effective.

One of our top of the range power tools is the Signode BXT2 Series, available in 3 sizes; 9mm,13mm and 16mm to accommodate the different sizes of poly strapping. Signode is a leading manufacturer of protective packaging, tools and equipment, and are experts in ensuring your company’s products are contained and protected during manufacturing, in your warehouses and during transportation. 

Our BXT2 combination tool is a favourite here at Snapco as it applies 2 different types of strapping; polypropylene and polyester. Utilising friction weld joint technology to join the strap ends, the automatic weld function speeds up the tensioning and sealing to save you a lot of time! The BXT2 is ideal for a wide range of applications as it can accommodate both strappings.

The ergonomic design, full automatic mode and easy to use 2 button operation helps to reduce operator fatigue and requires the maintenance of only one tool, rather than three. Not only that, the BXT2 series will reduce your overheads costs over time due to its versatility and longer lifespan. The battery-operated tool extends its lifespan, strapping numbers and it is cordless - so no more worrying about being within reach of a power source.

This power tool features a brushless motor and innovative battery design that ensures a longer shelf live, less wear and tear and efficient gear systems to deliver a greater toque at higher speeds of strapping. With easily accessible wear parts, it is quick and easy to repair any issues that may arise.

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